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Quit Smoking Program Proven to be 95% Effective!

Stop. In the name of love. And Ondamed.

ONDAMED works with a specific protocol that utilizes finely tuned biological frequencies. The protocol helps reduce addictive patterns, relaxes and strengthens the overall well-being. ONDAMED has consistently achieved astounding rates of success with its unique Quit Smoking Program, consistently. Experience demonstrates that all areas can be harmonized by applying pulsed electromagnetic frequencies ranging between 0.1 and 32,000 Hz. This is just one of the many areas ONDAMED has achieved impressive results.

FACT: Nicotine consumption causes energetic disturbances that manifest primarily in the areas of the brain and spleen.

FACT: The STOP SMOKING Protocol – based on years of research conducted in cooperation with ONDAMED Practitioners identifies these disturbances. And using the ONDAMED Biofeedback System, these disturbed areas can be bio-physically harmonized into a healthy regulated state, thus enabling patients to live a smoke-free life.

The ONDAMED protocol has been used world-wide with remarkable results. Together with the ONDAMED, you can free yourself of the nicotine addiction and the associated high costs for cigarettes. In just one to two visits, patients happily stop smoking with lasting results.

What to expect: In only 1-2 sixty minute sessions, 95% of our clients stop smoking.

Discover the nature within. So many benefits:

  • Improved quality of life
  • No cravings
  • Relaxation
  • No withdrawals
  • Stress reduction
  • Better sleep

Quit Smoking Program

This is what Ex-Smokers say about the Quit Smoking Program:

“I was skeptical at first. I smoked 1 ½ packs a day for 34 years. After one session of ONDAMED, I didn’t crave a cigarette, worry about chewing gum, or wearing a patch. Three months later, I am still smoke-free and no weight gain either. Most notable is not waking up coughing anymore, and my health has greatly improved.”

…Debbie S., R.I.

“I smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 23 years. After a one-hour ONDAMED session, I have no hunger for nicotine, no sense of abstinence and absolutely no desire to smoke.”

…Myrna M., Denmark

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