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Natural Health and Wellness of New England offers a revolutionary way of naturally maintaining and balancing your health and well-being with ONDAMED biofeedback treatment.

We specialize in Ondamed biofeedback treatment  while offering other supportive treatments such as ionic footbaths, raindrop therapy, reflexology, muscle testing, reiki, and homeopathic remedies.

Ondamed Treatment is a comprehensive biofeedback device that assess and treats your health needs, similar to acupuncture but far more precise and no needles. Think of your body as a radio station and it is trying to play your favorite song but there is so much static you can barely hear it or make out the words. You play with the dial and hope to “fine tune” the station to eliminate the interference and success, your favorite song is blaring on the radio station! Well, that is exactly what Ondamed does for your body, eliminates the “static” and allows your body to naturally heal itself. We assess from a meridian perspective (this helps to identify where the applicators are placed), microorganisms, nutrition, and a category of health projects all based on priority via the pulse.

Rachel Marshall has over eight years of experience and is an Advanced Ondamed Training Graduate. Her professional interests include Lyme disease, chronic conditions, adrenal fatigue syndrome, and complex cases. She is a graduate of Sacred Heart University. Rachel has a vast background in many modalities and can offer hope. Come spend some time with us in our Westboro or North Attleboro office and see how treatments such as our Ondamed biofeedback system can successfully treat your health challenges.   

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