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Lyme Disease: Help Might Just Be Around the Corner

By Susan D. Cornwall, USA

It has been a little over two years since my daughter and I began our journey with the ONDAMED Community and I would like to share our experience on how it has touched our lives. Looking back, I sometimes think that it was divine fortune that Silvia Locke, the CEO of ONDAMED Inc., lives only two miles from me. What I feel even more blessed about is the fact that Silvia was absolutely insistent that my daughter try the ONDAMED in the hopes of alleviating the symptoms she suffers due to Lyme Disease. Her insistence and the fact that Silvia was willing to work on Caitlin free of charge was a blessing because, as a protective partent, I was reluctant in subjecting my daughter to an unknown, especially after al that she had been through in her short time on this planet. Let me fill you in.

At the age of four my daughter was molested and sodimized. At the age of five she was seeing a play therapist. At five and a half she was suffering from stomach pain due to fear. At age six she was acting out violently and had to be isolated as a result of her molestation ans abuse. Her four-year old sister was her first victim. A cycle of manipulative behavior also began, when she started using her three-year old sister as a pawn in destructive behavior; a ploy that she had clearly learned from her abuser. All the while her gastro-intestinal symptoms worsened with longer periods of pain. By kindergarten she was vomiting to feel better. Her first hospitalizatoin came at the age of eight. It was that year that the stomach pain and vomiting presented itself in cyclical form. We noticed it would present every six to eight weeks and would last for one week. By the age of ten, the cycles of vomiting were so severe she had to be hospitalized. Seeing this young soul on the conveyer belt of doctors, “specialists”, tests, treatments, and therapy was unbearable to witness as a parent. What made it even more unberable was the lack of answers we received.

A week of severe stomach pain was soon followed by seven to ten days of vomiting every hour. She was emaciated. Just as we would get her weight back up — the cycle would start again.

At twelve and a halg, with Understandable skepticism and cynicism we decided to give the ONDAMED a try. We initially did four sessions with Silvia. During these sessions with the ONDAMED, based on what my daughter’s Vascular Autonomic Signal indicated, we discovered a wide variety of stagnant points and regions in the body (thyroid, kidneys, spleen, and blockages in the brain, gallbladder, and more). I thought it almost ridiculous. This mentality had come from years of being indoctrinated with the conventional mindset that there was only one cause for all the problems my daughter had and if this were taken care of she would be fine. What I would discover later is that one has to look at the entire organism of the human body; its history, how the individual behaves, and possible secondary issues — in order to gain a broad understanding of what is happening. This mentality makes it possible to move forward with a well-rounded course of action. Yet, as I said, I initially scoffed and even laughed at these findings.

Well, I am not laughing now. Silvia insisted I go see Dr. Steven Bock, a physician who practices integrative medicine in Rhinebeck N.Y., not only because he is known for turning “lost causes” around, he also uses the ONDAMED. We spoke about what the ONDAMED had indicated and as any thorough healthcare practitioner would do, he ordered new blood work for a broader perspective. He did every test possible. Two weeks later we found that all my daughter’s blood work matched the ONDAMED results. She had severe Lyme Disease, resulting in neuro-transmitter deficiencies, thyroid issues, and a compromised immune system. She had inflammation of the liver, kidney, and gallbladder and her intestines were a mess. I was amazed! Dr. Block, having treated literally thousands of Lyme patients and other difficult cases felt that in order to get her germ load down to a point where her body could handle the Lyme we had to start by using antibiotics. I agreed. The next week came and there was no severe pain and the vomiting was minimal. For the first time in five years we had broken this vicious cycle. Over the last two years my daughter has not had severe illness but she still wasn’t living the life of a normal adolescent. Although her symptoms had greatly diminished, the antibiotics had served their purpose and had begun to take their toll on her body. During this period we only used ONDAMED three tines. It was my call and my mistake. I could not differentiate between the symptoms caused by the Lyme, the trauma of her abuse and the side effects of the medicine. For the last fourteen weeks, we have said NO to all drugs and only used the ONDAMED along with occasional Bach Flower Essences and Nux vomica D12. In that short time my daughter has been back in school, taking dance class, jumping on a trampoline, feeling no pain, not vomiting, and experiencing no dark mood swings. In short — she has been well. In the beginning we did ONDAMED three to four times a week. Then scaled down to two, and now have only one session every two weeks. We are managing her health care with the ONDAMED and she has never looked better. As you can see the ONDAMED serves different purposes at different points in one’s journey toward wellness. About four weeks ago I experienced something I never expected. I teach dance and musical theater classes and part of these classes is painting the backdrops for our sets. When we finished I noticed on the top left hand corner of the set a vibrant, red and yellow depiction of the comedy and tragedy masks, the symbol of theater. I asked around and was told that my daughter had painted it. I was blown away. She had completely stopped drawing shortly after the traumatic events of her early childhood. She could not have given me a more beautiful gift. I thank ONDAMED for playing its part.

What’s amazing to see everyday is that she now has a life worth living for, and a reason to care. Saving a life isn’t just a heroic act. It can be simply giving hope to a teenager who had none. Sometimes help is literally right around the corner.

Reprinted with permission from EXPLORE! Publishing, 928 541-1920 or 800 320-6035, P.O. Box 11510, Prescott, AZ 86304

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