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Chronic Pain Management

One of the most exciting technologies for chronic pain management is the ONDAMED, an electromagnetic frequency device that delivers a very specific individual frequency to the patient determined based on biofeedback from the patient’s pulse. The body tells us what frequency and intensity of the frequency it needs to help heal on a general level or a specific area of the body which is associated with a blockage of energy. This allows the body to
naturally heal and in the case of chronic pain, helps the patient manage their pain. Here are some case studies which tell the story of results achieved on the ONDAMED for the purpose of pain management.

The following are documented Case Studies:

Endometriosis: S.S. is a 42-year old woman diagnosed with severe endometriosis in 1993 when she had a golf-ball size benign tumor in her left lower abdomen near the uterus. Despite several surgeries (an appendectomy and a hysterectomy), the tumor continued to grow back, even after being removed by laparoscopy three times over the next four years. In 2004, surgeons at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center said there was nothing more they could do. She was experiencing severe pain as the tumor continued to grow. She was placed on injectable pain medicine every three hours. She requested ONDAMED treatment, but needed to have the treatment in her home due to her inability to travel for the appointment. She received her first three treatments within one week, and began to feel stronger, experienced less pain and was able to continue treatments at the practitioner’s office. She received 3 treatments per week for one month, followed by 2 treatments per week for the next month. She was feeling so much better, she went back to work 50-60 hours at a time without the use of any pain medication. Also, the tumor was reduced to the size of an olive.

Fibromyalgia: M.Y. is a 27-year old woman who was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia when she was 18 years old. She had severe trigger point pain, muscle aches and frequent fevers for no reason. Many times, she could not move, and depression resulted. She needed to drop out of college, where she had been a straight A student. Her depression from the pain and inability to cope with the pain of the disease resulted in isolation from family, friends and only working occasional odd jobs. She was placed on several medications to manage her symptoms. She then began ONDAMED treatment. After the first 3-4 treatments, she emitted a very strong smell that may have been a detoxification or reaction. The odor disappeared after a short while and she began to feel better. She continued treatment once a week and constantly experienced improvement both in her physical symptoms and her depression began to lift. She is currently physically active, on reduced medications (being weaned off them). A highly functioning student and socially active, she has begun traveling, and doing things she had always wanted to do.

Lyme Disease: (a) A.D., a six-year old autistic child with a persistent fever and listlessness. He also experienced a rash on the back of his neck and upper body. After one ONDAMED treatment, his fever had broken by the next day, his rash was gone and he returned to regular activities. He received a total of five treatments, one each day for five days. His laboratory analysis confirmed that he had Lyme Disease, but was no longer suffering from the painful symptoms. (b) M.B. is a 49-year old female diagnosed with Lyme Disease and co-infection with Babesia and Bartonella. Her symptoms rapidly increased from fatigue to multiple sclerosis symptoms such as numbness and tingling in her extremities. Over a period of time she was hospitalized and placed on many different antibiotic regimens, none which affected her symptoms. During years of this therapy, she experienced reactions such as pain in both knees, left hip pain and debilitating neuropathy. Over the next few years, she tried many different therapeutic regimens, from Traditional Chinese Medicine to a Rife Machine, natural remedies such as Cat’s Claw and Artemesin. She finally turned to ONDAMED, and after several sessions began to feel better than she had in years. Her symptoms (numbness & tingling, recurrent parasthesia, shortness of breath, chest compression sensation, dyspnea and joint pain) disappeared completely. Her reaction, “You just can’t imagine how great I feel. I had completely given up hope. ONDAMED gave me back my life.”

Meniscus: Z.A. is a 49-year old physician specializing in adolescent medicine who heard about the ONDAMED machine from a chiropractor. Although he was resistant and didn’t believe in “this energy stuff”, he asked to be scanned to see what could be found by the machine (to prove itself). The machine revealed problems with the right and left upper jaw and the left knee. Z.A. couldn’t believe it, he had a wisdom tooth removed from both his left and right sides, and he had a left torn medial meniscus for ten years that was giving him pain. He received ONDAMED treatment to his left knee, and by the second session experienced less pain. After the fourth treatment, the pain was completely gone in his knee and he cancelled the surgery he had previously scheduled. This physician was convinced that the ONDAMED therapy had regenerated cartilage, and he remains pain free.

Multiple Sclerosis: L.C. is a 53-year old woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997. Her brain scan revealed 16 lesions in her brain. Her symptoms included extreme dizziness affecting her balance and bouts of parasthesia and an inability to urinate. She was hospitalized many times over the next few years when her symptoms would worsen. She progressed slowly to a wheelchair and was unable to work. In March, 2005, she started her first ONDAMED treatment. She felt psychological change that first night after her treatment. She continued treatment once a week and progressively her symptoms improved. In January, 2006, she purchased her own machine and began using it 3 times per week. She found she could run up stairs, her neuropathy improved, she sleeps better and has increased energy and mobility. Because her MS was severe, her physicians are amazed at her progress. She is currently an ONDAMED practitioner due to her own experience to enable her to help others.
Muscle Pain: M.M. is a 36-year old white female who was experiencing severe muscle and calf pain. After one treatment her muscle symptoms improved. Within one hour after one session, she was completely pain free.

Osteoarthritis: E.P. is a 74-year old white female, who received her first ONDAMED treatment in July 2005. She had been experiencing problems walking up and down stairs due to her hips and knees, so that her bedroom had been moved to the main floor in her home. She began noticing great improvement in ability to walk after her first treatment and could climb stairs easily after her third. She has experienced no more pain since those sessions and has ceased all prescribed pain medications for her condition.

Wrist Pain: M.M. is a 49-year old male chiropractor who experienced acute pain in his left wrist in 2004. He had overworked the left wrist from doing adjustments in a very busy practice. The pain was so severe, he had to stop practicing for three months in the hope that rest would help it get better. He tried various treatments including ice, heat and rest. However, the pain did not subside. He was preparing to sell his practice since he was in pain and unable to do any adjustments. In July 2004, he received one ONDAMED treatment. After the treatment, he experienced some pain relief. The protocol was going to be one treatment per week until the pain subsided. The next morning the pain was completely gone. He immediately went back to work, and has not experienced any pain since 2004.

These are only a few examples of case studies from many medical practitioners as well as ONDAMED practitioners that have been accumulated and shared over the years. Case studies available show that ONDAMED has helped many patients with pain, whether chronic or the results of an injury. Cases have included brain injuries, breast cancer, post traumatic stress disorder, vertigo, just to name a few.

DISCLAIMER: This document was created in order to share the information about the wonderful health benefits of the ONDAMED machine. It is therefore for educational purposes. Please note, that ONDAMED is not a substitute for medical care. Information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should consult with the appropriate health practitioner in case of any medical condition.




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